Inside Budapest


Budapest is rapidly becoming one of Europes most popular destinations. This ever changing, gorgeous city has many faces, most of which are left unexplored by its visitors. Taking in its amazing sights and tasting its cuisine its merely scratching the surface. Are you thirsting for more?

Spending a few days in Budapest is like watching the pilot of a TV show. It will give you a general idea, but wont let you explore it in great depth. It takes weeks to get a solid understanding of what makes this city so great. We have great passion for this city, and aspire to share this with others. Come join us for our alternative walking tour, by the end of which you will have a better understanding of the many wonders this city beholds than most people who set foot in it.

In this 3 hour walking tour we will give you a crash course on the essence of being hungarian, local street art, hungarian food and the way of life in Budapest. Come and join us for an afternoon that will bring you closer to this city than you ever thought possible.


Come if love:

  • To experience
  • Being involved
  • Conecting with locals
  • Ruin pubs
  • Designer stores
  • Street art
  • Living for the moment
  • Undressing buildings with your eyes
  • Checking out the alternative side
  • Tasting instead of touching
  • Is in the air


Based on tips

  • Every Friday and Sunday from 15:30 (tour takes approximately 2,5 hours)
    Meet us under the giant arch on Madach Imre square

Inside Budapest

Running every Friday and Sunday from 15:30
Tour Duration: 3 hours
Minimum participants*: 3
Meeting Point: 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre square 4 (under the arch)

Call us: +36202129262

Email us:

* the requirement for minimum participants only applies outside of our scheduled tours