Anti pub crawl


Traveling around the globe we have all done our fair share of Pub Crawls. It’s a fun way to meet new people in an evening filled with more alcohol than common sense. But eventually comes a point when you get to your Murtaugh moment and think: “I’m too old for this sh…stuff, I meant stuff.” Maybe you want a break from people who are a tad bit too close to the legal drinking age, maybe you would like to wake up without that all too familiar feeling of a pounding hangover or maybe are just tired of wondering where the f*ck you left your phone the previous night. Don’t get me wrong, reckless nights are fun, and you can never be too old to grab your friends and become a public disgrace, but every now and then it’s refreshing to go out like an adult and drink in style.


There is more to Budapest beyond the obvious, and while Ruin Bars are pretty damn great, they aren’t the only thing that makes this city so special after the sun sets. There is a brave new world out there, far away from children, cheap alcohol and regrets. World class wine, unforgettable ambiance and views that leave you speechless await. Dive into the less known part of Budapest with us and trade your bad hangover for great conversation, amazing scenery and even better memories. The anti pub crawl is everything a pub crawl isn’t. This is the budapest anti pub crawl, your ticket off the beaten track.


Here is what makes this so great:

  • (semi)functional adults (this tour is for people 25 and over)
  • Small groups of 10 so you can get to know us and each other better
  • Sophisticated, unique bars where pub crawl can’t and won’t take you
  • Great conversation (we have a very strict no small talk policy)
  • No sefie sticks. I’m serious. Just no.
  • Our amazing staff, with great knowledge of the city and thoughts and stuff
  • Routes planned around individual groups
  • No chanting
  • Every Tuesdey, Thursday and Saturday from 8 pm
  • Meeting point is based on individual nights agenda, we will mail you the details
  • Pick up available

Price is 20 Euors / 6000 HUF per person. Drinks are not included.

anti pub crawl

Running every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 20:00

Tour Duration: 4 hours

Minimum participants*: 2

Meeting point: On the steps of the Opera House, 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 21

Call us: +36202129262

Email us:

* the requirement for minimum participants only applies outside of our scheduled tours